Thursday, April 1, 2010

Enjoying Philadelphia and the NCECA Conference

I have been enjoying getting to know a bit of Philadelphia, and meeting up with other ceramics artists at the NCECA conference. Everyone I have talked to has been more than helpful in offering their advice on how to go about planning one's first wood kiln.

When talking to Robert Sanderson at the Log Book's booth, I revealed to him my incredible idea to create a world map of wood kilns online, and he broke it to me that Simon Levin was already making a world map of wood kilns. I will admit, I was so excited about my world wood kiln map idea that I did not spend enough time surfing the web to find Simon's map which already has many spots marked on it.

So, since a map already exists and is being added to, I will try and think of something else interesting to serve the world woodfire community. In the mean time I will keep up with this blog.

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